At Chevalier Advertising, our forté is working with companies that market to the outdoor sports and law enforcement industries. This goes beyond business hours and is shared by our diverse staff of shooting, fishing and camping enthusiasts, hunters, golfers, boaters, current and former military and general outdoor devotees.

The expertise our staff brings to the table, along with vetted methodology and industry-specific insight is what sets us apart. We willingly immerse ourselves in our clients’ products and services as we learn how to bring their strengths to the forefront and improve market presence. We zero-in on challenges and take aim at the prize, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously either.

Our passion is synonymous with your success at the end of each day.


Full Service Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Public Relations Agency.

Public Relations

By deliberately crafting consistent and easily accessible messaging, your company and products/services will get the spotlight they deserve. We carefully nurture media relationships for the best effectiveness.

Media Planning & Media Buying

The goal is to maximize brand and product awareness and desire among the target market, at highly negotiated pricing based upon the given media budget.

Internet Marketing

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Social Media Management. We strive to develop that individual connection with consumers through social marketing and create loyal fans of your brand.

Dealer Support

Promotions, in-store displays, dealer ads, dealer billboards… you name it, we’ve probably done it for our clients’ dealers.

Event Support

Trade Shows and Events help drive your brand experience home. Visuals and messaging, plus a well-planned booth design attract attendees and offer a memorable backdrop.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

This is where your brand gets to tell your story and catch the eyes, ears and heart of a potential customer.


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