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established in 1953

Chevalier Advertising focuses exclusively on assisting brands within the hunting, shooting and tactical vertical marketplaces.
Our unique 2A category specialization efficiently engages our partners with targeted audiences, while separating their brands
from others in the industry.

The category expertise and enthusiasm our staff brings to the table, along with vetted methodology and industry-specific
insight set Chevalier apart.

Trusted by Other Great Companies...

We’ve been fortunate to work with a multitude of companies of varying sizes and structures needing a variety of specialized services. From start-ups to established brands, our focus is on partners whose companies live within the 2A industry of hunting, shooting and tactical categories. We immerse ourselves in our partners’ brands, products and services to bring their strengths to the forefront and improve market presence and performance.

Marketing Strategies Customized to Your Needs…

Chevalier concentrates on key marketing components that will have the most significant impact on your company’s specific objectives and future growth.

What makes your brand special? What is its uniting story? How do you connect with your audience? These are just some of the questions we flush out before helping strategically position your brand in the 2A marketplace.

Chevalier Advertising is a strong proponent of strategic marketing plans to collectively focus efforts based upon a partner’s current situation and core objectives. If your company doesn’t have one, we will help you develop one.

The marketing campaign. The big ideas. This is where your brand reveals its story and catches the eye and heart of your potential customer. Creating smart, honest and compelling work that is not only executed brilliantly, but which is high-converting and propels sales forward.

Whether executing a cross-channel or cross-device strategy, capturing more subscribers, nurturing more sales or retaining more loyal customers, Chevalier understands how to coordinate and optimize campaigns and maximize conversions.

Developing the right narratives and connecting companies to relevant influencers is the mission of our public and media relations team. Expect results that not only drive brand awareness, but increase your company’s website SEO.

Need help with, or interested in starting, an affiliate program? Chevalier has extensive experience in affiliate marketing within the hunting and shooting industry. Enjoy a turn-key process with Chevalier managing your affiliate program to increase brand awareness and grow sales. Our team manages the day-to-day communication with affiliates, ensuring your brand is top of mind.

Chevalier’s expertise in marketing to the 2A community extends to display, paid social, paid search, influencer engagement and sponsored content opportunities to drive success through on-target reach and scale with data-driven optimization and in-depth reporting.

From strategic content development and influencer marketing to full or partial setup and management of channels, our team effectively becomes part of your social team’s efforts.

some of the technologies we use...

Chevalier utilizes a full suite of stand-alone and integrated technologies in a multi-channel approach that helps align demand generation and capture for our partners.

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